Asylum Seeker Housing Program

Housing assistance for asylum seekers

RCHP-AHC’s Asylum Seeker Housing Program is designed to provide safe, stable and affordable housing for individuals and families who are in the process of seeking political asylum in the US.


Our Lease/Sublease program features a lease/sublease model, which means that we lease an apartment/house and sublease individual units to our program participants. This model has several benefits as it allows us to offer a variety of housing options in different locations of the state so our participants can choose the area that works best for them and their needs.
Shared Housing

Our shared housing model features affordable units that are shared between multiple participants to reduce the costs to a fraction of the rent. Units will have shared living spaces such as the bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, but each tenant will have their own bedroom.

Support & Resources

Our program also provides additional support and resources that are tailored to each individuals’ needs, to help our participants succeed and become self-sufficient. We offer housing case management and support to assist families on the road to self-sufficiency. We are committed to helping our participants build a strong foundation for their future.

How to Apply

To apply for our program, please contact: or call Sandra Torres at 201-540-9852.


Our Partners

As a program of the Reformed Church of Highland Park Affordable Housing Corporation (RCHP-AHC), the Asylum Seeker Housing Program works in partnership with DIRE Support Services and DIRE Legal Services, programs of Churches Improving Communities.