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Global Grace Health Be the Change NJ is a mobile COVID vaccine and testing program that focuses on serving low-income and underserved  populations including recently arrived refugees, asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors, human trafficking survivors, undocumented persons, homeless veterans, the uninsured, and individuals returning from prison. Mobile pop-up clinics visit farmers markets, street fairs, factories, businesses, faith communities – anywhere there is a gathering place where people can receive COVID information, testing, and vaccines. The mobile clinic is free and open to the public without appointment.

Our program goals include:

  1. Increasing participation in Covid-19 testing and vaccination for vulnerable populations
  2. Administering vaccinations to vulnerable populations
  3. Contact tracing
  4. Advocating and educating about Covid-19, vaccines and testing
  5. Increasing access and decreasing disparities for COVID 19 infections
  6. Providing food and other support for families and individuals with COVID infections and those who may be food insecure
  7. Additionally, we provide flu shots (seasonal), pregnancy tests, and screenings for TB, hypertension, diabetes and cancer
  8. Visits to migrant farm camps and homeless encampments

Partners – We could not do the work we do without your support.  Thank you!

Be The Change NJ | VNA of Central New Jersey | Presbyterian Church of Jamesburg | New Jersey Department of Health | Highland Park Board of Health | St Joseph’s Church in New Brunswick | New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub | IRISE | Global Grace Ventures |  Main Street Highland Park | Metuchen Food Bank | Lazos America Unida | St Joseph’s Nursing Home | Table of Hope | Casa Freehold | Sisterhood Inc | Food Bank of Somerset County | Middlesex County Health Department | Women’s March NJ | RPR | Eric B Chandler Clinic | City MD

Destiny’s Bridge | St Peter Hospital | Union County Health Department |  Catholic Charities  |  Diaper Bank New Brunswick | Salvation Army | Kean University | Rutgers University | Elijah’s Promise | Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless | Elizabeth Episcopal Church | Greenway Family Success Center Rahway | Harvest Family Success Center | Flemington Migrant Farm Camps – Hammington | Lakewood Homlessness Encampment | Newark Penn Station | Piscataway YMCA | Greater Brunswick Charter School | Better Life Ministry Jersey City

Through the use of dedicated Community Health Workers (CHW) and volunteers, Global Grace Health has reached thousands of people who are part of vulnerable and underserved populations across the state of NJ.

Ongoing & Periodic Global Grace Health Clinic Events


The Reformed Church of Highland Park – Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am – 2 pm – 19 South 2nd Avenue, Highland Park

Mexican Consulate in New Brunswick – Thursdays from 9am – 3pm – 390 George Street, Suite 100, New Brunswick

Saturday visits to homeless encampments in S. Jersey – Imagine your grandparents living outdoors in the woods because they can’t afford housing in NJ. GG Health provides supplies and medical care to this very vulnerable population (in addition to other homeless populations scattered throughout NJ). If you’d like to contribute supplies for this ongoing effort, please contact Dr. Norma Bowe at to find out more.

Visits to Migrant Farm Camps (Seasonal) – Migrant farm workers make about $35/day and often travel with their families up the coast as the season progresses. Living conditions are appalling and undignified at the camps. Global Grace Health makes periodic visits to deliver badly needed supplies, food and medical care. If you’d like to contribute supplies for this ongoing effort, please contact Dr. Norma Bowe at to find out more.

Global Grace Health Be the Change NJ is a program of RHCP-Affordable Housing Corporation in partnership with Be the Change NJ and is funded by the New Jersey Department of Health, Family Services through ELC funding to enhance detection, response, contact tracing and prevention efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.
The Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Prevention and Control of Emerging Infectious Diseases  (ELC) project is a statewide initiative providing resources to enhance detection, response, contact tracing  and prevention efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. The project is administered by the New Jersey  Department of Health Division of Family Health Services and the Maternal Child Health Consortia,  through a partnership with the Central Jersey Family Health Consortium as a regional grantee. CJFHC  grants support community-based organizations serving vulnerable populations. ELC supports expanded access to COVID-19 testing and vaccines, and training for community health  workers to connect at-risk persons with needed services and reliable COVID-19 information.

The Reformed Church of Highland Park Affordable Housing Corporation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that provides affordable housing, supportive services, and connection to meaningful community to low-income individuals and families in central New Jersey. All RCHP-AHC projects are non-discriminatory and are open to the public. 


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