Housing for Homeless & Low-Income NJ Residents

Making the Beloved Community a Reality

Development & Rehabilitation of Homes for Homeless and Very Low-Income Families & Individuals

RCHP-AHC helps address homelessness in NJ by the creation of affordable homes specifically for those who have entered a period of homelessness.  RCHP-AHC has worked with various state and county agencies to acquire and redevelop properties to create beautiful housing units throughout Central New Jersey.  Currently there are 43 units in 14 buildings dedicated to those who were homeless before entering our housing.  The vast majority of tenants receive housing vouchers that are connected to their housing (project-based vouchers).  

In addition, RCHP-AHC has acquired and redeveloped 12 homes/condos that meet the criteria for affordable housing, meaning that tenants are low income and the rents are substantially reduced from market rate. 




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Lease/Sublease for Low-Income Families Striving Toward Self-Sufficiency

Since 2015 RCHP-AHC has been leasing apartments from landlords who are willing to see us as a trusted partner in the assistance of low-income tenants.  If there are tenants who struggle to get housing because of economic position, no pay stubs, no credit history, issues in their background—in other words, if a tenant ‘doesn’t look good on paper,’ — we will rent the unit and sublease to the tenant.  It is then the responsibility of our agency to surround the tenants with supports needed to gain self-sufficiency.  As of September, 2023, RCHP-AHC currently leases, sub-leases and fully furnishes 225 units.